A Journey Through Life - Some notes , few words

A Journey Through Life - Some notes , few words
ecoprint00 - Tue May 17, 2011 @ 01:03PM
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My thoughts at the age of around 22 years

Sometimes I wonder , if I were not born to be a human being , then perhaps , my existence would have been a token representation in the universe . Perhaps I would had eyes to see , but I would had been devoid of a heart to feel , a mind to think and a soul to admire . I shiver to think how much I would have been crippled , if any of the six senses had not worked properly . Perhaps it is right to say that my destiny is to visualize , to analyze and to comprehend life .

I rose from the bed , opened the door and walked through the streets , long time ago . Hundreds of days have passed , thousands of miles covered , millions of people seen . I have seen clouds in the sky , rainbow in the horizon , grass on the soil - the nature in it’s many moods . I have seen the people in pink , red , yellow - in many shades . I have seen the need and the greed . I dreamt my dreams and analyzed my thoughts . 

Diversity is the very essence of life . Mankind has climbed the mountain top , dived beneath the ocean . The mind has mastered knowledge and ignorance , questioned moral and immoral , searched for heaven and hell . Life is limitless , boundless and formless . Life is the road to comprehend the universe and to disappear within the truth . Life is beautiful , only if you can feel it . I have learnt to live within the walls of the life and to expand the boundaries in mind .

At the dawn of human civilization , mankind fought for basic survival . Once survival was secured mankind explored the diversities of life . Human nature consists of both good and evil . Over the ages mankind has journeyed from darkness to light . Quest for knowledge , wisdom gradually increased the complexity of life . The road of life is complex and winding . The journey that began with the very birth of mankind shall not stop at once .

The human mind itself is a marvel . Perhaps the road to understand the deep mysteries of the universe lie in the exploration of the mind itself . Everything in this universe do have some effect on some other thing , nothing goes unnoticed . Desire is perhaps the greatest virtue of mankind . To walk through the road of life one needs to understand life . To understand life one needs to feel , analyze and comprehend own self and the surroundings . Life is the greatest teacher of all .

Sometimes it seems that the world is gradually fading . Life is a museum , complete with dust and glory , past and present . It depends upon the understanding of life whether one should look forward to where present meets the future or present meets the past . Human mind is rationale . If birth be the reason then death is the cause . The death is the desire to be born . Life dwells between birth and death while silence reigns in-between death and birth .

Then there was not non - existent nor existent : there was no realm of air , no sky beyond it .
What covered in , and where ? and what gave shelter ? was water there , unfathomed depth of water ?
Death was not then , nor was there aught immortal : no sign was there , the day’s and nights divider
That one thing , breathless , breathed by its own nature : apart from it was nothing whatsoever .
Darkness there was : at first concealed in darkness , this all was indiscriminated chaos .
All that existed then was void and formless : by the great power of warmth was born that unit .
Thereafter rose desire in the beginning , desire the primal seed and germ of spirit .
Sages who searched with their heart’s thought discovered the existent’s kinship in the non - existent .

Words can’t explain everything , sometimes silence do speak . I speak , I write what I have felt , understood , comprehend through life . Every human being think and understand the same thing with different words & situations only if they want to think & have the urge and the ability to understand . Every great saint spoke the same thing in different ways & languages. It is my wisdom to understand “ how ” then to question “ why ” and at last to search “ what ” . Mankind shall journey over the ages to conquer the ULTIMATE but shall never be able to master it as journey can only merge within the TRUTH itself .

All along the years I journey to search , understand & comprehend life in order to visualize the vast & limitless human mind . Life flows like a winding river in its own course searching sometimes for the sea sometimes for the ocean sometimes its lost in the desert - but life flows on. The journey never ends , it adds on .

You are born out of the soul of THE GOD , you have questioned THE GREATNESS so you are given the opportunity to understand , feel & comprehend THE EVIL , THE DARKNESS OF MIND - I believe after death our energy , the soul merges with the energy of universe , our mass the body gets merged within the earth - so death teaches us that we are individual in earth but we all are non entity A GREATER SOUL , UNIVERSE . Death is not an end but the beginning of ETERNITY - a soul gets purified through the journey of life .


Comments: 2


1. deb   |   Fri May 20, 2011 @ 12:10PM

Kaka ki korecho.tumi to jalie dile

excelent dude

2. George   |   Thu Nov 02, 2017 @ 07:18AM

It was really thought-provoking about what you have observed about life. I don’t think that everyone would have thought about life this seriously or in deep. I would really love to discuss more on the same which may help both to explore more.

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