Pearls in eyes
ecoprint00 - Sun May 15, 2011 @ 09:00AM
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Pearls dripping from innocent eyes
I know not why they cry
Snarling crowd passing by
Did anybody smile ?

There the beggar with the bowl
Air that fills his thirst
Oh ! The children, grim and thin
Where have you lost your fairy queen ?

Here comes the people, kicking dust out of the way
Placards, shouts echo through the lane
Education casts a magic spell
Where have all the noble men gone ?

The bright blue sky the dancing birds cry
Empty buckets catch no pleasure
In the flashing neon the signboard girl smiles
I wonder where the dreams hide ?

The throbbing soul on a single stick
Twilight trails the setting sun
Phantom pearls hide and seek
Sound of silence echo in the air.


Comments: 0